Getting to 15,000 page views a day

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Expert claims: do these 26 things and in a year your web site (built from scratch) will be getting 15,000 page views per day.

If you sign up for Google AdSense and your web site earns an eCPM of $5.00 (not that hard to do) on 15,000 page views then you site would be generating $75.00 per day in revenue.

Keep growing your site, say to 30,000 page views a day with a eCPM of $7.50 and your income will be more than $6,500 per month.

I wonder how many people have quit regular jobs and are able to work from home because of eBay first and now Google AdSense. I know quite a few people that are doing it. It might be a nice career option for a lot of folks.

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  1. I’m one of those who has been able to quit their job because of google adsense (and what you taught me).

    I also know…hmmmm, let’s see…3 other people here in Provo who have done the same thing, not to mention the TONS of other people around the world I know who have done it.

    All because of adsense.

  2. Nanyang

    I quited my job and I built a website 5 months ago,
    and its pageview is around 30,000 now.
    I am also a AdSense publisher,
    but I have to wait 3 months longer before I can get the money.
    The problem is now I need money badly.
    Would IDG be so kind to give me $1,000?
    So my website and me can live on.

  3. Paul..I discovered your website last month..I really appreciate these tips. I just established a new website that focuses on retirement planning issues and resources. Again, thank-you from a Salt Lake blogger. Please visit our website when you get a chance and tell me what you think.

  4. Chris

    The problem is that google does and update to their algorithm (jagger, florida,
    etc), you lose all your traffic for 8 months. That’s no way to try to make a living.

    You can’t depend on it. Problogger had a great post on this two days ago.

    BTW, Paul, the comments on this new software send the text box off the page.

  5. jordy

    That list of 26 things has been my main guide for bringing my (estimated) pagerank from 0 to 5 in less than a year. We still don’t get a whole ton of hits (just over 1600 last month) but I think we’ve had pretty good progress for a not-for-profit promoted in spare time. Anyway, there’s a lot of good advice there.

  6. Elden Wood

    As a student in Paul’s class, we will soon be covering how to begin affiliate marketing, and what the benefits are. After reviewing the list of suggestions, I noticed that “R” says to stay away from affiliate marketing. I would like to know why this individual feels this way, and if affiliate marketing would be acceptable in specific applications or detrimental in others.

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