Google Alerts

One of my favorite free web services is Google Alerts. I have more than 200 keywords that I track now. I find more value in this than in RSS feeds, which subscribe me to lots of content that I don't really want. Almost all of my Google Alerts give me content that I really do want.

Review: YackPack useful, less intrusive

Review: YackPack useful, less intrusive Nice article reviewing YackPack with some good quotes from Founder BJ Fogg. This article is getting coverage from dozens of web sites. I think YackPack has the potential to attract millions of users and provide them a warm, personal experience communicating with people that matter most. I've watched BJ develop this concept over the last year or two and I've been a big fan of it. Our Provo Labs team is starting to use YackPack.

Google Growth to Come From Traditional Media

Google Growth to Come From Traditional Media Google's growth was slower than projected and their stock is getting hammered today, but the company is promising to generate future revenue growth by expanding its advertising reach into traditional advertising channels. So much for "focus on search." So who are the best candidates you know out there to be the next Google, the next leader in providing the best search results? Has anyone got a list of say the top 100 search engines according to Comscore or Hitwise?

Fast Growing Blog Network

My friend Tim Stay is an incredible entrepreneur. His ventures work. He knows how to dive in, learn everything about an industry, and find a way to make his businesses succeed. He has great partners and they work well together. So keep an eye on his new, fast-growing blog network, Know More Media. They are barely over 30 days old. Have dozens of excellent bloggers. And check out this 3 month Alexa chart!

Help Wanted: Mobile Content

At CES this year I attended several sessions on mobile content, and learned a great deal. One of the main things that I learned is that I am relatively ignorant about this space. I was embarrassed to not know what a MVNO was, and "off portal" and "off deck" were not in my vocabulary. But since billions of people will have cell phones in the coming years and my driving interest is to provide wholesome, healthy, educational, historical, genealogical, family and religious content to people everywhere using any device, I need to dive into this space with vigor.