22% of online advertisers also doing mobile marketing

I found this a little hard to believe–both the percentage of companies supposedly doing mobile marketing and also the overall advertising budget for mobile marketing.

From MarketingVOX:

A study this month from JupiterResearch found 22 percent of companies advertising online also are doing mobile marketing. Overall, the study predicted, mobile ad spending would more than double – from an anticipated $1.4 billion this year to $2.9 billion in 2011.

I have no doubt that mobile marketing will be a multi-billion dollar industry, but where is the $1.4 billion being spent this year?

At SES I attended a couple sessions on mobile marketing, and it seems so early, that I can’t imagine where the $1.4 billion is going.

Any thoughts from my readers?

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  1. The actual Ad Age report includes some helpful details that the MarketingVOX summary left out. Among other things, the estimated $1.4 billion this year is a theoretical max, based on the total discretionary spend of a few large companies. They may not actually spend any of that money. (Indeed, the Ad Age report quotes one analyst as saying he doesn’t think most of it will be spent.)

    However, the report also includes details of where the money is going: texting customers and video messaging. One fun example that I ran into is a Sprint/CBS promotion of the Amazing Race. There are exclusive video clips of interviews and stuff that can only be viewed with a Sprint mobile phone.

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