65 million people used Facebook from mobile devices in August

About half of its 250 million monthly users worldwide log-in everyday. About a quarter, or 65 million, used the site from mobile devices in August, according to Henri Moissinac, director of Facebook Mobile. That more than three times what it was in December, when 20 million users were using Facebook through apps and the company’s mobile web page. The U.S., U.K., Canada and Indonesia have the most active users.

Does anyone know what percentage of the 65 million daily Facebook mobile users are coming from the iPhone vs. other phones?

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  1. Ryan Miller

    The FB app on iPhone has about 14M monthly users if you believe this data:

    Probably a fairly heavy % use that app on a daily basis, I’d guess 10M. That’s a far cry from 65M though.

    As far as traditional browsing on mobile phones, a (U.S.-only) media site I oversaw with ~8M monthly uniques had about 1% of uniques coming from mobile browsers to the site. 80% of that sliver was iPhone + iPod Touch. The other 20% (0.2% of total uniques) was every other mobile platform combined. Clearly the U.S. is not representative of the Intl picture with respect to the iPhone — I’m guessing the share is flipped given Facebook’s 65M number.

    On a side note, and beyond unique users, another interesting observation on the data from our site was the iPhone vs. iPod touch differences — PVs/user and session times were about 40% higher on the iPod Touch. iPod Touch is Wifi only. Connection speed appeared to make a big difference in behavior, even the 3G vs. wifi difference.

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