A9 introduces OpenSearch, invites vertical search engines to join

According to eWeek, A9.com (owned by Amazon) has introduced a new concept called OpenSearch which allows “vertical search engines” to be added to the A9.com search engine which Amazon introduced last year. A9 wants to do for vertical search syndication what RSS has done for content syndication.

I played around this for a while, and while the user interface takes some getting used to, I really like being able to do a search, and then click on my vertical search engine tabs on the right side of the screen and get very different results, without retyping the search.

Let me know if you find this interesting. I guess with Google, Yahoo, and MSN so far ahead in the search space, A9 has to do something to bring in niche audiences who might like these vertical search options. I think this is a clever move.

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  1. Neal Harmon

    Hey, I see you already added WorldHistory.com to A9.com. You move quickly Paul 🙂 What will the impact of OpenSearch be on the Internet? I can see lots of benefits as Amazon is convincing all the niche search engines open up their databases with a simple API. It has potential for any application developer (unfortunately for content spammers too). When WorldHistory.com publishes this for A9, can anybody just start using it in their site as well? All they need is the description file to tap into it and it’s public. What do you think Paul?

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