Acquisition and Turn-Around Strategy

Being so focused on starting businesses from scratch, I have overlooked one mode of value creation which others have used very effectively: buying a company with great products or services but poor marketing, and turning on the growth engines.

I recently met two businessmen who systematically find underperforming companies and turn them around. Last week I also talked with two companies that are raising capital, going public, and then using their stock to do a “roll-up” strategy (where they acquire multiple companies) to create value.

I’m trying to find the 5 best web sites that list business acquistion opportunities. looks pretty good. It lists 123 internet companies that are currently for sale. has a better Alexa ranking (therefore more traffic) and lists more than 550 media and technology properties for sale.

What other business exchanges are you aware of?

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  1. Brad Garrett

    I use because of the site’s ability to track business listings as they are posted (i.e., the user can designate a listing as “active” or can delete it if not interested) as well as sort by specific criteria (e.g., business type, income level, location).

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