Best Days for Email

This is my first WordPress blog where I have included an image. Happily it was very easy to do.

I read a nice article that says Friday and Sunday emails get the highest open rates and click rates; while mid-week emails get the lowest. Here is the chart:

380 total views, 1 views today


  1. Paul, this site looks great! and that’s awesome that you have images being done so well. Who did you work with on setting this site up? Any chance you’d be willing to let them work with me, too…? because I would love to pay someone to get my blog looking better.

  2. It came through on my RSS Reader, too. One thing, will you set the RSS to be full-text, or at least poll which people want? I personally like full-text RSS feeds so I can read all my news in one place…

  3. Best days for e-mail

    Paul Allen Blog mentions stats for how likely people are to open e-mails on various days of the week, and how likely they are to click on something in them. This is the chart.

    Well, e-mail marketing isn’t really anything to recommend nowadays, as i…

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