Big Databases on Your Site

Provo Labs will soon announce a distributed search engine system that will enable hundreds of web sites to “host” massive databases (like Wikipedia, Edgar filings, dictionaries, reference and travel data, legal data, images collections, and more) on their own sites, with just a few minutes of setup.

We believe this will enable web sites (such as universities, schools and libraries as well as consumer web sites) to keep their site visitors longer and attract more visitors as well. One of our approaches will also help web sites share revenue with us. So there are multiple benefits.

Our search engine team has built a powerful data indexing system and search system. We will announce our first partner for our first distributed search database next week.

If you are interested in learning more about this new program, please email me at paul AT

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  1. What ever came of this? I didn’t notice any other posts about it. I’m interested in what exactly you have come up with. Been analyzing many CI’s like DTSearch.


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