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I just got this email from one of our Provo Labs employees:

Although it clearly needs some CSS work, is
now up and aggregating personal blogs from the following Provo Labs folks:

* Amy Rhoads
* Blake Snow
* Brock Blake
* Darla Seamons
* Gary Thornock
* Jeff Jordan
* Jimmy Zimmerman
* Judd Bagley
* Kory Hoopes
* Michael Eager
* Mike Smullen
* Paul Allen
* Phil Burns
* Trent Miskin
* Tyler Jensen
* Yvette Arts

Now I can just hit the Provo Labs planet everyday to see what all our people are posting. Or I can use RSS to my MyYahoo home page and see the latest posts at any time.

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  1. jordy

    FYI, there’s also a link to a global feed on the planet site so that readers can subscribe to one feed rather that a whole bunch. Our feed is broken, but I’ll get it up soon and post the URL.

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