Changing my blog topic

In an effort to focus my time and attention on one company for the next few years, I have decided to change the title of my blog from Paul Allen: Internet Entrepreneur to Paul Allen: Internet Genealogy. I have been blogging for more than 3 years. I think I have made about 750 posts during that time, many of them about internet marketing, entrepreneurship, angel investing, the success of Google and other popular web sites, and other such topics. Someday I'll probably write a book for entrepreneurs. And someday I'll probably change the focus of my blog back to entrepreneurship.

What blog topics are most popular?

A new study on blogging shows that technology, culture and political blogs are very popular in the United States.
In the list of the top 100 blogs in the United States, 34 are about technology, 26 cover culture and 25 deal with politics. Personal blogs accounted for only 3 of the top 100 - far lower than in other countries.
The report also states:

Mark Cuban on Becoming a Billionaire

Last night I caught part of Big Idea with Donny Deutsch on cable. Donny was interviewing billionaire Mark Cuban, who is one of the smartest entrepreneurs I've ever followed. The best written article I've seen about how Mark turned into a multi-billion dollar company is the chapter in Net Entrepreneurs Only, published around 2000, to highlight a dozen or so successful online entrepreneurs. The work ethic that Mark and his partner Todd had back then is nicely described there. Mark talked about it again last night. He described a typical work day.

Yahoo Mail Question

I switched from Yahoo Mail to Gmail a long time ago, but I still get dozens of emails a day sent to my old Yahoo email address. I forward them to Gmail, but I'd like to make sure my 2,600 contacts in my Yahoo Address Book and many thousands of other people who have emailed me in the past know my new email address.