Blogging in Other Languages

I added Italian and German to yesterday's post "Blogging for the World" and already have a reader who is willing to do the Italian translation. Now I need to find a blog spot for each language and figure out a scheme for knowing when each translation is posted so that my site can automatically add links as the translations appear. I think this can be done with RSS feeds and some simple coding.

Blogging for the World

One of my primary career goals is to promote entrepreneurship in developing nations and all around the world. I love how entrepreneurs can change the world and I think the world needs more people who think positively about what they can do to make a difference and fewer people who sit back and wait for the government or for their company to provide something for them to do. It's easier to "make meaning" (Guy Kawasaki) when you start your own enterprise.

Turning Off Comments on My Blog

I had to turn comments off because so many people complained at how slow my blog was. I did some research. It turns out Radio Userland has to count the number of comments before it displays my blog, and that can slow it way down. So I turned off comments.

But I really miss the feedback and the conversation. I'm a lonelier blogger now.

I'm looking for a remotely-hosted message board that I can link to whenever I post. My two top candidates so far are and

Can anyone give me a recommendation?