Google Growth to Come From Traditional Media

Google Growth to Come From Traditional Media Google's growth was slower than projected and their stock is getting hammered today, but the company is promising to generate future revenue growth by expanding its advertising reach into traditional advertising channels. So much for "focus on search." So who are the best candidates you know out there to be the next Google, the next leader in providing the best search results? Has anyone got a list of say the top 100 search engines according to Comscore or Hitwise?

eBay acquires Skype

This is an incredible move. I would never have predicted that eBay would purchase Skype. But it will be very interesting how they integrate free VoIP into their auction business, and how much eBay will be able to accelerate the world-wide adoption of Skype. Especially when Google, Yahoo and MSN are all getting into this space as fast as possible. The bottom line is that consumers will win (great services for free) because of new technology and aggressive competition. eBay's stock is moving up slightly, while Google is up $8 and nearing its all-time high.

7 Reasons Google Will Rule the World

Once again Google surprised the street with much higher than expected earnings. The stock price has jumped $20 today to more than $210 per share and the market cap is almost $58 billion.

I will not be surprised to see consistent positive earnings surprises coming from Google for many years.

Profitable Content and Community Sites

Intermix Media (MIX) is a hot stock that benefitted today from a great article by Bambi Francisco. I knew this company as eUniverse and tracked it for years along with other massively popular web sites. It was moderately profitable back in 2001, after the bubble burst. And it is moderately profitable again today on growing revenues. One of its properties,, is growing like crazy with its social networking model.

Question about OTC and Pink Sheets Stocks

Serial entrepreneur Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari and Chuck E Cheese, is now running a startup company that is publicly traded because of a reverse merger last year. It is called uWink, with ticker symbol UWNK.OB. You can read about his fascinating rise and fall, from a net worth of $70 million to near bankruptcy. I've been tracking uWink which is now generating millions in revenues from it's Snap and Bear Shop products. It's hard to keep a serial entrepreneur down.

Inspired by Warren Buffett

I'm 150 pages into The Warren Buffett Way: Investment Strategies of the World's Greatest Investor, a book that was published ten years ago that I bought onsale for $5.98. I have been slowly and carefully studying this book, marking it up, and writing each big idea that I find inside the back cover, in good Tim Sander's fashion. I truly want to understand why Warren Buffett has succeeded.

Here are a few of the key points so far (I have highlighted more than 100 key ideas):