Google Passes Yahoo in Market Cap

I've been predicting recently that Google would pass Yahoo's market cap by the end of this year. It happened today. Here's a Reuter's story. Microsoft is worth $300 billion. Google is worth $50 billion. Yahoo is worth $48 billion. It's a very interesting race. And its great for consumers. Thanks Google for "not being evil" and for forcing other companies to play by your rules and provide more and more value to consumers.

Jim Cramer Autobiography

I'm captivated by Jim Cramer's autobiography, Confessions of a Street Addict. I'm just finishing reading about's IPO in 1999, a real insiders view of the bubble. I watch Kudlow and Cramer as often as I can. Jim Cramer is a real character, and really smart, and really entertaining. His book has really helped me understand more about Wall Street. I admit to being ignorant of many things--my college degree is in Russian, not business.

Audible Earnings Call

I listened to the eCollege and Audible conference calls earlier today. Audible had its first operating profit in its six year history. Another dot com survivor! Last summer it was trading at $0.50 per share. I bought a lot of shares at that price and sold them on 12/31 at just under $4.00. Now it is approaching $5.00.

Whenever I read news about companies or take notes during conference calls, I store my notes in my personal knowledge base (now a 125 MB file that is powered by Folio VIEWS).

Google vs. Yahoo: Which is Worth More?

Today Yahoo is worth $36 billion. In its quarter ending 12/31/03 Yahoo made $75 million in after-tax income on revenue of about $664 million. Very impressive.

Today Google filed for its IPO. In its quarter ending 3/31/04, Google made $64 million in after-tax income on revenue of about $390 million. More impressive.