Smartphone Sales: Blackberry #1, Palm #2

I still like Blackberry best, but if they completely walk away from their traditional keyboard, the exact one I have been using since 1999, I may be tempted to follow a lot of my colleagues and try out a Treo. I won't switch to any new smart phone or PDA unless I can type 50+ words per minute on it. I've tried the newer Blackberry keyboards and they are miserable. Maybe I'll use my Blackberry 7290 for the next 10 years the way one of my friends still uses his HP Jornada with DOS from about 1992 for searching the scriptures. He says there has never been anything better...

Steve Jobs Was Right; I Was Wrong — I Wanna Own My Music

Because I was highly involved in the online content subscription business of in the late 90s and early 00s, I thought I was pretty smart. When Apple jumped into the music industry with its iPod and iTunes service, I thought they were pretty smart, but I also thought that everyone else ganging up on Apple would cause a big dent in its music business, and that eventually the iPod would go the way of the Mac, and end up with a relatively small market share. I especially thought Steve Jobs was wrong when he said customers wanted to own their own music and not rent it.

Help Wanted: Mobile Content

At CES this year I attended several sessions on mobile content, and learned a great deal. One of the main things that I learned is that I am relatively ignorant about this space. I was embarrassed to not know what a MVNO was, and "off portal" and "off deck" were not in my vocabulary. But since billions of people will have cell phones in the coming years and my driving interest is to provide wholesome, healthy, educational, historical, genealogical, family and religious content to people everywhere using any device, I need to dive into this space with vigor.

2 Billion Cell Phones in Use

Check out this article from Reuters: Cell phone makers aim to get production costs to $20 per handset by 2007 and to $15 by 2008. Approximately 810 million mobile phones will be sold this year up from 680 million last year. 3.5 billion people live in areas with coverage who cannot afford their own handset, so lower prices means more market penetration.

A Billion Audio Players in 2009!

Sometimes you see market forecasts that blow your mind. I remember attending Jupiter conferences starting in 1995 where forecasts were made showing hundreds of millions of internet users worldwide in the coming years, and it was mind-boggling then. Now, estimates say we're over a billion internet users worldwide. Any time I see a billion of anything, I'm pretty impressed. So I was

Crime Data Overlays on Google Maps

I can imagine a world where billions of people have portable devices (cell phones or mobile computers) with Google Maps.

They'll be able to choose from thousands of databases wherever they are, and can overlay them on top of Google Maps, providing them with incredibly interesting and useful information for planning travel, shopping, housing decisions, and more.

Two weeks ago in Price, Utah I demonstrated Google Maps and Satellite Images with Local Search (way cool!) and told the audience to image Froogle data on top of Google Maps: where is the nearest place that I can buy X? I'm sure that won't be far off. And it will be on our mobile phones soon enough.

Here's an interesting one: