Compete puts icons next to Google and Yahoo search results

Today I’ve been using to find someone who worked at Travelzoo back when they issued shares to thousands (or was it hundreds of thousands?) of customers. That is such an interesting concept. It made a big splash in the 90s during the bubble. But would it work today with new SEC regulations? That’s what I want to explore.

I found more than 50 people in my network that have worked at Travelzoo in the past or work there now, but none on the legal or executive management team. Mostly web designers, developers, content people/producers, and sales and marketing folks.

So I turned to Google using Firefox and did a search. And I was amazed to find that the new Compete toolbar that I have installed parsed the Google search results and put three icons next to every entry.

This is what it looks like:
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So I’ve never used a toolbar that adds more data to the Google search results and I’m not sure if I like it yet…but it is a gutsy move by Compete. If they get a lot of toolbar users, they’ll be piggybacking on Google’s traffic to direct a lot of eyeballs to themselves. I just checked and it does the same thing with Yahoo search results.

This Compete toolbar is extremely interesting. I wonder what the fallout will be….

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  1. I use an SEO firefox extension from Aaron Wall at that adds a lot of SEO related data, such as PageRank, to Google’s search results. There is a little button that lets you toggle between on and of so you don’t have to see all that clutter in the results when you don’t need it.

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