Creating a family tree of the whole world

Two people have notified me about the new company Geni, founded by former PayPal Executive David Sacks, that plans to “create a family tree of the whole world.”

TechCrunch has a post about Geni today and there are already 17 comments on it, including from some pretty smart readers.

Other efforts to do this have been underway for many years, including’s OneWorldTree, the LDS Church, and To have a Silicon Valley based company jump into this “family tree” space will be really interesting to watch.

BTW, I really like the new logo. It’s much better than the old one.

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  1. Jonathan Stowell

    I noticed Geni is open now. It has a nice AJAX interface, well done. But it has very basic functionality, genealogically. I assume there will be more coming.


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