Customized Feeds on My Yahoo!

My sister told me that she recently customized her Yahoo desktop so that all of my latest blogs would show up. So I did the same thing. It’s amazing to see my posts show up on My Yahoo right next to CBS Marketwatch news and Reuters Internet news. (I wish I knew how to post images to my blog–I’d show you a screenshot.) I’ll be adding my other favorite bloggers (besides me!) to My Yahoo soon.

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  1. Rauno

    You wished you knew how to post a picture to your blog.

    Free and works with any blogging software or hosting service you’re using. I’m not with pix8, I just think it’s a great example of web services working together one function at a time.

  2. wilson ng

    Hi Paul,

    I did add my RSS also to my YAHOO.

    but while it is cool, it is really better to use a dedicated RSS offline reader. I am sure you are already doing that, but just in case you haven’t, you can try sharpreader.

    it is a free download from

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