Demographic Targeting on Google and MSNGoogle Adds Demographic Targeting to

Google has added general demographic information to AdWords according to Media Buyer Planner. Demo targeting is the biggest thing that has happened in Search Engine Marketing in years.

Here’s the link:

Google Adds Demographic Targeting to AdWords

Microsoft’s new AdCenter is the biggest threat ever to Google’s massive and growing revenue stream. And some reports claim that with their individual demographic targeting, AdCenter is already providing better results for advertisers than Google.

Google counters with this ComScore Media Metrix demographic targeting, but that targets the general demographics of site users. While Microsoft has individual demographics on hundreds of millions of Hotmail and Passport users, and can therefore provide targeted search results to an individual.

This is the first Microsoft counter punch in Google’s 8 year history that actually hit.

Fun stuff to watch.

Unfortunately, AdCenter is still in beta. They opened a 3-hour window for advertisers to sign up. If you missed it, you have to be invited. So most of us will have to wait to try this out.

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