Don’t overlook free products and services online

Blake Snow has a nice post about 20 free products and services that he uses online. He lists several that I have not used before. I’ll need to try them out so I can add them to my recommendations for entrepreneurs list, and make sure they get added to, my wiki for entrepreneurs.

I’ve recently mentioned Google Spreadsheets, which I love. And for years I’ve been recommending for free business cards (pay for shipping only). There are so many great free things online for startup companies, it’s amazing.

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  1. Paul, GREAT point. We have been offering our enterprise-class customer review service for free to retailers for 6 months…not because it’s cheap, but because we have a better business model than the enterprise option (that charges more than $20k/year) for a similar service.

    It’s unfortunate that many companies equate FREE with CHEAP…and refuse to look in detail at the model and actual quality of service.

  2. I agree, free resources can be of great use, but sometimes spending that extra dollar is the difference between appearing professional and not. VistaPrint, while free, does not provide the best product available. is my number one choice for business cards, they are far superior to VistaPrint.

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