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Last night I read the latest issue of EContent magazine, one of those underrated and little known publications that always has a treasure trove of information about content businesses. From my days studying library science I acquired an interest in certain magazines that no one else I know seems to know about. I highly recommend this one.

Here are the topics I need to learn more about:

  • Aptimus Network offers a revenue optimization solution for publishers. Has anyone compared this to Google AdSense? Which generates a higher effective CPM?
  • How SMS was used after the Indian Ocean 9.0 Earthquake for emergency response
  • Singapore’s IDA and Games Bazaar
  • OneSource Express competes with Hoovers Online to deliver leads and info to sales and marketing teams
  • and the Film Foundation: preserving old films
  • FeedBurner: keeps metrics on 25,000 RSS feeds (Just today I learned they raised $7 million in new venture funds)
  • How Infoworld monetizes RSS feeds
  • LockerGnomes’ 150 tech RSS feeds
  • Technorati offers a free watchlists (30,000 have signed up so far) for marketing and PR people who want to track competitive intelligence and mentions of their own company and products in the blogosphere. They have a premium version as well. (I’m going to try this out.)
  • NewsGator has a premium RSS bundle with content from 8 publishers and it is “going well”
  • Sony Librie (in Japan), the first epaper product, now enables users to “print” any content from the web (or any software application) and read it on their ebook reader. There is a whole article about the future of epaper. Within 3-5 years the cost of manufacturing epaper will be so low that they are predicting that we’ll be watching digital content on our cereal boxes as we eat breakfast.

Those are the things that caught my attention yesterday.

EContent Magazine

My wife always laughs at me when I talk about my masters degree program in Library Science. She imagines me working in a library. (I LOVE libraries BTW). It only lasted for 1 semester because my CD-ROM publishing company really started taking off and needed my full-time attention. But I learned some valuable things while in the program. One of the main things was becoming familiar with a few of the major publishers and publications in the library market.

Information Today is one such company. It has many good publications. One that I love and read cover to cover is EContent. The readership is probably fairly small, but the articles are well written and I love the research. It’s all about search, content business models, content management, news feeds, subscription databases, search engines, RSS feeds, XML, digital rights, syndication, and more. I learn here about companies that rarely get covered in the main stream technology press.

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