Entrepreneur Brainstorm Lunch

13 impressive entrepreneurs showed up for our Provo Labs Entrepreneur Brainstorm Lunch today. It was well worth it. Some of the entrepreneurs were seeking funding and needed ideas about who to talk to. Several good suggestions were made. Another entrepreneur with a good retail business idea is looking to recruit some management. A software company that just received significant funding from NSF needs a product manager.

I think every entrepreneur got some excellent advice from the others. I was impressed with the quality of the people that came. They are hungry to network, to make new contacts, and to learn how to make their businesses successful.

I learned a lot of things today. I was reminded of Josh Coates’ excellent approach to enterprise software development: how to interview potential customers (a lot of them) in order to design a product that they actually want. I met a man who is writing a dissertation on usability. He’s a fan of 37signals.com approach. I learned about a marketing agency in Maine called Imagocreative.com that markets exclusively to Baby Boomer women (who have the most buyer power). I met an entrepreneur with an RSS feed for daily scripture study (a chapter a day from the Bible, Book of Mormon, and potentially other scriptures from world religions).

I hope some of the advice and contacts that I shared were valuable. Next time I may bring a couple handouts that list my favorite books and experts on important business and marketing topics, just because in 5-10 minutes you can’t share all the free advice that you’d like to share.

It’s kind of cool to think that today I may have met a couple future finalists of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Competition. Give a couple of these entrepreneurs five years and I believe they will be ready for an award.

I am going to continue doing these lunches weekly, whenever I’m not travelling.

Our next Brainstorm Lunch will be next Thursday, June 29th. These events are free. You just pay for your own lunch. First priority will be given to those who haven’t attended one before.

If you want to meet some up-and-coming entrepreneurs (potential strategic partners) and brainstorm ideas for helping each other succeed in business, you should sign up. Contact Michael Eagar at Provo Labs to RSVP. (michaeleagar “AT” gmail.com)

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  1. Hi Paul,

    Great points! I’ve been in rural Utah (about 30 minutes east of Heber) for almost a year now.

    DirectPC works OK, but it would be nice to get a faster DSL or Cable connection out here.

    Of course, it would also be nice to have land line telephones, municipal water, postal delivery and garbage pickup… but the views are well worth having my own well and dealing with sat Internet.

    -James D. Brausch

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