Entry Level SEO/Marketing Position

An entrepreneur running a successful company asked me to recruit someone from my BYU internet marketing classes to work for him. I told him I’d blog about the opportunity. So here it is:

screen-scraper.com is interested in hiring someone for an entry-level
SEO/Marketing position. This would involve working with their main screen-scraper web site, as
well as their ScrapbookFinds meta-search
engine. Starting pay will be $11-15 per hour, with bonuses as progress
is made and goals are achieved. This should be an excellent opportunity
to gain real-world experience! Any interested can email Todd Wilson.
His email address is his first name at screen-scraper.com.

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  1. Todd,
    Not a referral pursuant to this listing, but ScrapeGoat (good guys, a lot of locals use them) is based out of Orem. I’d bet a friendly meeting with them would prove win/win. And I’ll say aloud there’s no salesmen there to take advantage of you. And since you’re not directly direct competition, they’d probably be happy to share marketing tips with you (since they’ve been in the scraping business for a while now…)

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