Finding Angels and VCs

I think is one of
the best ways to find angel investors in your area. With 3.5 million
members, including many investors, this is a great service and a great
way to get introduced through a mutual trusted acquaintance.

But in addition to, I have found value in owning a copy of
the 1998 Pratt’s Guide to Venture Capital Sources, a 600+ page hard
bound book that probably cost about $50. Of course, this edition is
almost useless since it is so out of date. There are probably more
current editions. sells a current database of venture
firms on CD ROM for $299.

It’s much harder to find a directory of angel investors, and since they
are many times more likely than VCs to fund your startup company, it
can be frustrating if you are an entrepreneur looking for potential
angel funding.

Our solution? Let’s all work together to create a free open-access
directory of angel investors (both organized groups and individuals)
and venture capital firms around the world.

We are launching a directory of venture capital firms called and a directory of angel investors called will
appoint a part-time editor to manage the volunteers who want to
participate in building these community resources. We will use Wiki
technology so that anyone can easily add their own information to these

Sites like this have limited value at first. But over time, as people
contribute what they know, they can become invaluable sources of
information for entrepreneurs. We hope they will become useful to you.

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  1. ITu Ventures

    This is a great move that I think will be able to help start up and seasoned companies alike.. Having one place for all investors means start ups will not have a hard time looking for companies to fund 🙂

    Now… all I need is a sound business plan… 🙂

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