Finding Good Articles Online

Sometimes searching Google 8 billion page index is a big waste of time.

I know someone who spent nearly a full day searching the internet for something specific in order to write a school paper. When I found out what she was looking for, I suggested using (now since I was a subscriber and I knew the site was full of high quality articles from hundreds of publications. Within a few minutes we found exactly what she was looking for.

If you can afford to, subscribe to and use it when you need to do serious research and don’t want to waste time. If you are cheap, try, which is a good free service.

For scholarly content, Google is making good progress with Google Scholar which seems to have 300,000,000 pages indexed.

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  1. If you hurry, is free this week (today is the last day). Also, here’s a great tip from research and library guru Gary Price ( Many public libraries offer FREE remote access (no need to vixit the library building) to thousands of publications and other high-quality databases. All you need is a library card for that particular library. He has more information on his site:

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