We are making serious progress with our
business. Soon we’ll announce some new capital, new leadership, and
some significant partnerships that will help this company move forward.
I love how the internet can create so much visibility for a new
business idea. What used to take years in business formation now takes

If you know any angel investors or VCs, please encourage them to signup for (it’s free) and look at some of the 543 business plans that have been posted there in the last few months.

I’ll be on a panel at the National Association of Seed and Venture
Capital conference in Philadelphia next week, primarily to demonstrate
the new DealFlow Suite (TM) which we make available to organized angel
investor groups around the country.

It’s nice to start getting both traction and trajectory with this business.

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  1. How do we as entrapenuers get a copy of the Deal Flow Sheet (TM) that you refer to in the article? It would be helpful to know some of that info so we can create a sensible bus. plan or exec. sum.

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