Get $200 in PPC (pay per click) advertising credits from MSN

My friend Dave Martin sent me a link to a Microsoft web page that offers $200 worth of clicks from MSN AdCenter if you sign up between now and January 15, 2007. There is a $5 fee to get an account.

MSN AdCenter Home Page
$200 free offer page

I would like to think that 1,000 of my readers will each pay $5 to get an MSN AdCenter account. Microsoft will make $5,000. And my readers will get $200,000 worth of free PPC.

Everyone I know should do this. And everyone should spread the word to everyone else.

I’m not the first to blog about this. A few others have already posted about this aggressive Microsoft offer.

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  1. Andre

    I’d really like to know as to why it’s not on Microsoft’s netblock. They have enough server power yet it’s being run off Rackspace.

    Add to that, giving Microsoft a call. They know nothing about this so called promotion.

  2. johnny english

    nice one! or at least it would be if UK users could get it – come on microsoft where’s the voucher for UK users???

  3. Business Education

    Wow nice. Right now msn and also jump into PPC market.

    Currently my hosting only offer me credit from google and overture. However, I do no t really interested in PPC.

    I see ppc before my SEO strategy work properly. After I get above PR5 i will not using PPC anymore.

  4. Hi,

    Is this offer still valid for the $200 ad credit it seems as though it has expired a while back? I need more google ad credit getting close to running out of the $100 credit I had, can you have more than 1 ad credit on the same account?

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