Google Enters Blog Search Space

It was only a matter of time. Today Google launched its Blogsearch
engine at It is fast, but reviewers say
it is not comprehensive enough. It looks like they started indexing my
blog RSS feed a few weeks ago, but my early posts have not been
crawled. When they start spidering all the old blog posts, and have the
most comprehensive index in addition to their fast search, then they
will be the most formidable blog search engine, in my opinion.

I was glad to see 92 hits on the search “paul allen internet
entrepreneur” — some from my blog and some from links to my blog. You
always like new search engines when they include you. 🙂

As I mentioned last week, many of the blog search engines haven’t found my blog yet.

I have started using Pingomatic, though, so that should help.

If I update the comparison chart I did last week, Google’s blog search has the most hits for my sample query “San Francisco
1906”, coming in with 3,225.

Search Engine Alexa Ranking Search Results on query: San Francisco 1906 My blog indexed
Technorati 1209 1,834 no
Bloglines 1529 32 no
Feedster 4738 1,922 no
Ice Rocket 4761 1,400 no
Blogpulse 11668 1,058 yes
Daypop 21331 75 no
Google BlogSearch too early 3,225 no

In a few weeks Alexa should start registering’s traffic, like they do with other google features:

Alexa chart on Google:

Where do people go on
  • – 80%
  • – 7%
  • – 6%
  • – 2%
  • – 1%
  • – 1%
  • – 1%
  • – 1%
  • Other websites – 1%

448 total views, 1 views today


  1. I’ve been using it extensively. So far I think its junk but give it time – google will put Technorati out of business. I find the new MSN beta search returns the best Blog results.

  2. Another question for you Paul. Would you be willing to set up some way where all of your BusM 457 students could find each other’s blogs? I think it would be cool if we could read each other’s blogs and help one another to learn to blog and get listed, etc.

  3. Long time reader, first time commenter. I just looked for Pingomatic, and it doesn’t seem to be operating (I’ve seen posts elsewhere talking about their intermittent service). I saw someone recommend pingoat (, which seemed to work for me. Just thought I should offer a heads-up.

  4. John Sanders

    I agree…Google will quickly shoot to the top of the list for blog searches. On another note, you have an excellent blog here Paul. I highly recommend that you post some of your content on The Go Big Network Blog . It’s a blog with practical content geared toward visionary entrepreneurs.

    You can also join to connect with other entrepreneurs, investors, and individuals with a passion for the startup community.

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