Google’s Amazing Hires–Now Include Vinton Cerf

The founder of recently complained that the cost of a good
engineer in Silicon Valley is skyrocketing because Google’s demand for
top talent is creating a shortage for everyone else and wage inflation.
Now Google has hired Internet pioneer Vinton Cerf
who helped develop TCP/IP. He is going to be Google’s Chief Internet
Evangelist. (I guess that relegates me to the role of chief unpaid
google evangelist. For an example of my enthusiasm for this company,
check out this “7 Reasons Why Google Will Rule the World” post from February.

I really hoped Google would buy Skype, but now they’ve launched Google Talk and a silly rumor has it that eBay is in talks to buy Skype for between $2-3 billion. That would be very strange.

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  1. A little too much Google love, Paul. You think Google will rule the world but you fail to see all the short comings in their products and culture. Steve Balmer said it best: “I’ve kicked Eric’s A** twice and I’ll do it a third time. They’re arrogant to the tenth degree and they are getting a bad rep in the valley. Pride goeth before the fall.

  2. Awesome products? Really? Like what? The only two products I would define as “awesome” are Google earth, which they bought from keyhole and Adsense which is a hybrid ripoff of Overtures ad strategy. Their search has much room for improvement and seems to get worse as time goes on. Have you tried the new MSN beta search? Its way better than Google. Or how about Exalead or Vivisimo? Time to start thinking outside of the Google box! I would think open source advocates such as yourself could see the threat to open source that Google posses. Think Microsoft.

  3. Have you heard this one:

    “What do you get done when you put a bunch of PhDs in a room”


    My only concern for Google is this: they brag about having the most PhDs out of any internet company but I am not sure if they are in the know, but having a lot of PhDs together is not a good thing. I have never once seen a lot of PhDs play nice together and actually get things done. In the case of Google I really think it could impeded their progress.

    I will take my high school educated, darkroom programmer who can whip out anything faster than a PhD anyday over anyone else. As Will Hunting said “at least they got personality”

    Google is a great company with great potential but they may ruin their culture in a hurry which as we all know will ruin the company.

  4. Jordan Gunderson

    From what you said, it sounds like Balmer is also “arrogant to the tenth degree”. I say that because I have a hard time believing that humble people go around bragging about how they thrash others. 🙂 Management personalities and corporate culture set aside though, Google has earned bragging rights. Their products *are* awesome, and continue to get better year after year.

  5. Jordan Gunderson

    I’m not going to get into a pissing match with you, but for any readers who are genuinely interested, Google has historically been very good to open source. Implementation (although admittedly incomplete) of the (open) Jabber protocol in Google talk is just one example. Summer of Code was also huge. Much more at

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