Has This Page Been Indexed by Google?

Have you ever wondered if a particular page on your web site has been indexed by Google so that Google users can find it?

It’s easy to find out. Here’s how:

1. Download the Google toolbar (if you haven’t already.)2. Under options, click Page Info Menu.3. Now, go to any web page.4. Use the Page Info Button on the toolbar menu (the blue circle with an “i” inside) and select “Cached Snapshot of Page”

If Google has already indexed this page, you’ll see a snapshot of what the page looked like when it spidered your site.

If Google has not indexed this page, you’ll get a message like this:

Your search – cache:http://www.worldhistory.com/shop/index.php – did not match any documents.

Worldhistory.com has started adding ecommerce products (such as flags from various countries) to its new shopping cart. But it turns out that Google hasn’t yet indexed the main shopping page or any of the product pages.

So, now I need to get one or more high quality links to the world history shopping page so that Google will follow those links and add these quality pages and products to their index. With a few good links, it should happen within a month at the most. (It often happens within a day or two)

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  1. Jason Carr

    Well, linking to it from your blog should get you well on your way. WebProWorld thinks blogs are in as far as SEO goes.

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