Healthy Marriages

In Provo, there are a lot of social entrepreneurs that are trying to find ways to use technology to connect and strengthen families. One of the new companies that just joined Provo Labs Academy is The founder, Aaron Larson, asked me if I would spread the word about the free pamphlets his company offers to help marriages become or stay healthy, so here goes:

Do you want to make a significant impact for good in the world today?
Then help strengthen the keystone of society. On average children,
women, men and communities do better on EVERY SINGLE positive social
outcome, such as health, safety, financial, emotional, etc., when a
couple forms and sustains a healthy marriage.

The National Healthy Marriage Institute’s goal is to help strengthen
five million marriages by the end of this year.

We have created the Healthy Marriage Pamphlet Series to help accomplish
this goal. Researchers have found written materials to be a very
effective method of teaching the information couples can use to
strengthen their marriages. To view and download these pamphlets at no
charge visit

You can play a part in strengthening five million marriages this year by

1. Printing these pamphlets and distributing them to friends, family,
churches, schools, etc.

2. Forwarding this e-mail to friends and family.

With your help millions of children, women, men and communities can access the benefits associated with healthy marriages.

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