Help Earn Money to Buy a Horse

A great email from one of my readers:

Since you are such an proponent of Internet entreprenuerism, I thought you might enjoy seeing what my 8 year daughter has pulled off for about $50. Take a look at

And no, she isn’t looking for investment capital 😉 She is raising�money to buy a horse. She sold enough in the first week to pay back all the start up capital we fronted her, and show a profit. I’m now fairly certain she will have the money for a horse several years before I was really planning on owning one.

No other point to this email. I read you regularly and thought you might want to say something about the micro end of the Internet scene. For every Google there are probably a thousand people like my daughter�finding creative ways to use the Internet for goals a little short of world domination!

Everyone please visit and help an 8-year old girl earn enough money to buy a horse. I love it–the spirit of entrepreneurship is alive and well, even among the very young.

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  1. Chris ODonnell

    She has commented that it would take over a year of allowance to make what she has made with Horseshues already. I think she gets it! I doubt she’ll ever work for anybody other than herself.

    Thanks for the plug.

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