Hire Students to Run Your First Pay Per Click Campaign

Memo: Pay Per Click Help Available
To: Business Owners of the World
From: Paul Allen, Instructor of Internet Marketing at Brigham Young University

More than fifty students have enrolled in the Internet Marketing course
at BYU this fall. In an effort to give each student hands on experience
with internet marketing, I am hoping to find businesses who will let us
set up and run their first pay-per-click keyword marketing campaign for

My goal is to have at least a $100 budget for each student or student
team. The money you provide us will all be spent to drive traffic to
your web site from search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Our students will create a list of keywords for you, they will manage
your bids, and they will measure the traffic that you get. If you have
a technical contact that can implement conversion rate tracking on your
web site, then we will also be able to report how many sales or new
registered users we generated for you from this campaign.

Please email me at paulballen “at” yahoo.com if you are interested in
our class setting up your first pay-per-click campaign. Your budget for
this project should range from $100 to $1,000.

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