iCount growing fast

iCount is about to hit 4,300 registered users. Our soft launch has been more successful than we thought it would be. With our new visibility, we are now talking with several individuals and companies about how we can enhance the service and empower more Americans to be involved in the political process.

If the Dean campaign started with just 432 email addresses, and by reaching out to them consistently and involving them in creating what Joe Trippi calls the first “open source campaign” in American history–what will we be able to achieve with 4,300 email addresses, and a mission to revitalize participatory democracy in this country?

One of our slogans: “we seek not for power, but to pull it down” represents what we are trying to do. Bring power back to the people. Too much power is concentrated in Washington, DC, and in big media and in big business and it leads to corruption. It’s time for a change. Please help us spread the word about iCount.com.

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  1. Larry Richman

    I joined iCount today and found it interesting. What can we do to create more current polls?

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