If you know me, please use Skype

To all my family, friends and co-workers:

Please download Skype, buy a microphone for your computer, and use Skype for both free voice phone calls and for instant messaging.

40 million people worldwide have downloaded Skype, but in the Skype directory I can only find a few dozen from Utah.

Like fax machines, the value of the Skype network grows exponentially as more people use it.

I want to use this free service, but I’m limited in my ability to fully utilize it because most of the people I know don’t yet have Skype.

I do use SkypeOut so I can make calls to any phone in the world for about 2 cents a minute. But it will be so much better if we all become Skype users. Our phone calls will be free. Our Skype address books will grow. And all of us will be better off for it.

Please use Skype.

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