Innovation in Mobile Content and Advertising

I got an email this morning from MEOW: the Mobile Entertainment Opportunity Watch. The author lists these “cool companies” from the latest mobile conference he attended:


ThirdScreen Media. This company is to mobile what DoubleClick is on the web. Established only a year ago, their timing to address the mobile advertising B2B opportunity should be good.

M:Metrics. Seamus McAteer is launching a well-funded attack to create the ‘Nielsen’s-like’ research and rating service for the mobile industry.

m-Qube. Jon Bukosky took up the role as GM of Los Angeles and VP of Worldwide Content. This mobile marketing company is hot in Hollywood, partly fueled by the media industry growing to understand how to integrate promotional components into mobile programming.

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  1. Stanley Carter

    Did Paul Allen have his companies taken from him
    by VC’s? I heard they invested and then fired him.
    Is there any semblance of truth to this?

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