Inspiration from the Founder of JetBlue

Today I had lunch with my cousin, an attorney from Salt Lake City. He told me about taking a JetBlue flight from New York last year and having the good fortune of being on the same plane with JetBlue Founder David Neeleman. Neeleman served the customers, as is his custom, and then sat next to my cousin and chatted for some time.

My cousin is not alone. Thousands of people have experienced David’s personal service and concern. Last year Norm Brodsky wrote an article for Inc Magazine about how he met David Neeleman on a similar JetBlue flight. He asks all entrepreneurs how often they take time to talk personally with customers.

Just last week, JetBlue was again recognized for offering the best airline service.

A couple months ago I wrote an article for Connect Magazine which hit the newstand this week about how David Neeleman has inspired me to more earnestly search for business heroes.

Keep your eyes on Neeleman if you want to learn outstanding lessons about succeeding in business by putting your customers first and truly caring about them.

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