Interviewing with Google

A new Utah business blogger Pete Abilia has a great post on his site about his 2 days of interviews with Google last year. He turned them down when they offered him a high-paying contract position but no stock and no benefits. Pete will be able to tell his grandchildren someday, “yeah, Google made me an offer, but I turned them down on the spot.” Cool.
Pete has one of the most ad-packed blogs I’ve seen lately, but he does have some great content, and Guy Kawasaki actually does link to his blog. Welcome to the Utah blogosphere, Pete!


  1. One thing to add (if I understand the story right). Pete has received a lot of his interviews with companies like Google, Apple, Garage Ventures,, etc, through LinkedIn. He’s a big advocate of that service. It is also great to hear that these well known companies actually use LinkedIn to recruit.

  2. shmula ยป paul allen - the lesser, writes about shmula

    […] paul allen – the lesser, writes about shmula and . . . spells my name wrong. nice. he also comments that my blog is (was) ad-packed. i

  3. Darrrell Swain

    Great post Paul. Thanks. I have an interview with Google tomorrow so this was helpful. Cheers!

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