Jobs in Utah

I’ve recently heard radio ads for which redirects to I’m always on the lookout for free web services that might make recruiting or job hunting easier. Hopefully this site will prosper.

In the meantime, I think Craig’s List is one of the great sites in the business world (everyone in the Bay Area uses this for all kinds of things), and it’s Salt Lake site needs more exposure. Here is an excellent job posting from, one of Utah’s top ecommerce companies, for a Web Analyst.

If I were searching for a job, I would definitely use Craig’s List and every day.

We have also decided to add a Jobs section on, so that entrepreneurs can use the site not only to find investors, but also to recruit employees who want to work in a startup environment. I hope this feature can be available by March.

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  1. Marcus Vorwaller

    If you haven’t already seen it, check out which gives a Google like interface to job searching. It crawls Craig’s list as well as hundreds of other sites and gives quick results.

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