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So one reason I haven’t blogged much lately is that I’m on the go all the time, I hardly ever sit at my desktop computer to do email (since I do it almost all on my blackberry) and I’m using my laptop more and more. For months I have been unable to blog from my laptop, due to some WordPress error — I’ve needed to “enable sending referrers” but couldn’t on my laptop for some reason.

But WordPress 2.0.3 solves this problem, so I can once again blog from my laptop. Next, I’d like to be able to blog from my blackberry (by sending an email to WordPress.) Blake: can you help me with that next?

The Utah Bloggers conference Tuesday night was fun. Ryan Money and Phil Burns did a good job putting this together. The panel was interesting. I only wish that everyone there could have introduced themselves and their blog (if they have one). I guess a lot of the attendees blogged about the night and got listed at

My favorite was the post with a photo of Richard Miller enjoying his Utah Bloggers t-shirt.

I think organized bloggers can become very influential, so I like the idea of a Bloggers Association. I heard that Utah podcasters might be organizing.

I’m looking forward to future Utah Bloggers events.

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