Largest IPO in Utah History

I blogged recently about the IPO of Extra Space Storage, which may have been the largest IPO in Utah history.

But that IPO will surely be dwarfed by the forthcoming IPO of Huntsman Chemical. Some speculate it may raise as much as $1.5 billion. The company has debts of approximately $5.8 billion, which it needs to pay down.

Now it will be interesting to see Huntsman’s market capitalization. I have a Utah Portfolio on Yahoo Finance which tracks all the publicly traded companies in Utah, and with Utah ties. Zions tops the list with a $5.5 billion market cap. Questar is at $3.3 billion. Nu Skin is at $1.8 billion. Huntsman, with 15,000 employees and revenues approaching $10 billion annually, may top them all.

Largest IPO in Utah History?

I heard today that Extra Space Storage, based in Salt Lake City, UT may have had the largest IPO in Utah history. It apparently sold 20.2 million shares at $12.50 per share, raising more than $240 million. If Yahoo Finance is correct, it’s market cap today was $400 million, which means that it sold more than half of its outstanding shares in the IPO. Does anyone know what the largest IPOs were prior to this one?

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