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Infobase Media Corp (one of our portfolio companies) has introduced its LDS PDA Library (in partnership with Deseret Book), which comes with hundreds of books that are ready for your Palm or Pocket PC. But more importantly, it works with the 2005 LDS Collectors Library so that you can save any of the 3,300 religious titles in that library — or portions of them — to your handheld.

As a RIM Blackberry addict, I keep suggesting a Blackberry version, and I know the company is exploring it. (Especially since Blackberrys outsell Palms these days.)

Has anyone out there used the Blackberry SDK? If so, any tips on getting started?

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  1. Gary Anderson

    Does the LDS PDA library contain the LDS scriptures? I have been frustrated because the site does not have the scriptures in Microsoft Reader which is compatible with the more recent versions of Pocket PC.

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