Lenovo Makes Global Push With Computers – Yahoo! News

On the heels of my interview with Daily Herald Business Editor Grace Leong, I found this news interesting today: Lenova announced that it is selling PCs outside of China.

Lenovo Makes Global Push With Computers – Yahoo! News

I think we in the US should brace ourselves (psychologically) for the possibility that Chinese computer manufacturer Lenova, the #3 PC manufacturer in the world behind Dell and HP, will continue to gain market share and could eventually become the #1 computer manufacturer in the world.

I think Dell and HP are great companies and would stay on top if the majority of PCs were purchased in the U.S. long term, but the business and consumer demand for PCs in Asia (particularly in China itself, Lenovo’s home turf) will grow at a much faster pace than western demand.

But according to the People’s Daily Online, Lenovo’s revenues were recently lower than forecast and Dell and HP are competing aggressively in Asia.

So this will be a very interesting fight to watch over the next few years.

I’m definitely looking forward to hearing Dell CEO Kevin Rollins speak at the BYU Management Society breakfast in Salt Lake City next month.

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  1. jordy

    Here’s the info for that meeting, if anyone else is intrested in attending:


    March 2, 2006

    Time: 8am

    Location: Wasatch Room, Joseph Smith Building, 15 East South Temple St., Salt Lake City

    Contact: $20 for members & first-time visitors. $30 for non-members. RSVP to byums@shanepetersen.com or Register Online.

    Description: Our speaker for March will be Kevin Rollins, President & CEO of Dell Inc.

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