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I got an email from an employee of this week and saw a link to his LinkedIn profile page in his email signature line. I wanted to test a link to my own profile before I add it to my permanent site navigation. You have to be a member of with “remember my password” checked in order for this link to work: Paul Allen on

As you know, I’m a huge fan of Yesterday I was interviewed by a columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine. She asked me why I require entrepreneurs that I mentor to actively use I gave her several reasons. I was so enthusiastic about this service that she concluded the interview with a question: “are you an investor in LinkedIn?” I told her that I am not, but I wish I were. I am bullish about their revenue potential because they are gathering a tremendously valuable audience–now over 2 million–and many of their users are addicts and evangelists like me.

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  1. Peter Quodling

    Love that idea, love linked-in. How do you determine your unique linked-in key number?

  2. I just looked up my profile on and then clicked on “View your profile as other people see it”. Then the URL string has my Linked-in key number in it.

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