MarketingSherpa Readers Choosing Best Blogs and Podcasts

My favorite content for internet marketers comes from MarketingSherpa. They publish incredibly valuable case studies. Their reporters interview the top marketers who reveal their secrets to success. I am a huge fan of Anne Holland and her wonderful team at MarketingSherpa. I sent three people to the Subscription Summit last month, and I buy quite a few of their reports, so I support them financially too.

A reader notified me this week that MarketingSherpa has asked its readers to rate the top blogs and podcasts in several categories. He pointed out that my Paul Allen (the lesser) blog is listed in the General Marketing category, right up there with Seth Godin!

While I’m thrilled to be included in this survey, I don’t necessarily think of my blog as a General Marketing blog. It’s more personal than that. I cover dozens of topics I’m interested in, particularly entrepreneurship, but I do cover a lot of marketing topics. (I think the best formula to blogging success (i.e. fame and fortune) is to focus on one topic and go very deep. But I blog for a lot of personal reasons, not for “blogging success” per se.)

But even more important than being included in this contest, I’m excited to see how MarketingSherpa readers rank all the other blogs, most of which I haven’t heard of. I’ve been good over the years at finding true experts on different subjects and taking the time to learn from them — at conferences, through their books and blogs, etc.

So out of this survey, I suspect I will end up with a list of “must read” blogs and some podcasts that will be more valuable to me than the ones I subscribe to currently.

In case you want to vote or see the list of candidate blogs/podcasts, here is the info:

June 22, 2006

An Apology from MarketingSherpa:

We’re sorry. Many of you who’ve been trying to cast your Vote for
Best Blog & Podcast have been bounced off our server.

Here’s a new link for folks who could not get in:

#1. If you’ve already voted, your vote is STILL ARCHIVED and SAFE.
You do *not* need to vote for the same blogs or podcasts again.

#2. We’re *extending* the deadline to Monday, June 26th, at
midnight ET because so many of you could not get in when you
wanted to.

Then our team of research statisticians will gather the data from
the old form and this new form and do their magic to tabulate the
final results as fairly as possible.

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