MediaPost Publications Report: Tuesday Super For Facebook Brand Pages 09/09/2009

I was pretty impressed with this social CTR chart until I read how it was calculated. ” The company comes up with its estimate by assuming that about one-twelfth of the total Facebook audience is online at any given time, available to see a message.”

To me, that simple assumption invalidates the entire study here, even though the company that released the data tried to make it even more sophisticated. “The number of fans a brand has is also factored into the calculation, with the total number of clicks on a specific post divided by the number of fans who saw it, adjusted to reflect that not every fan is on Facebook all the time. So if a brand has 100 fans and a wall post gets five clicks, that’s a 5% click-through rate. But if only 20% actually saw the post, it would be a 20% rate. It comes down to a mixture of math and educated guesswork.”

In the past I’ve seen very good day-of-week CTR reports on email marketing, which are based on actual data about delivery, open rate, and click through rate. But this Social CTR report, which is based on assumptions and guesswork, appears to be meaningless.

Has Facebook or any Facebook app developers released CTR data from notifications that they send out on different days of the week? I would be very interested in seeing that.

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