Mom: Miracle Music Helps Kids Do Chores Without Nagging

I know my blog title sounds like an infomercial. Well, it kind of is.

We recently discovered an amazing product for Moms that we liked so much that we bought all the inventory we could and are starting to promote it online for its inventor (a mother of six).

It’s called Childrens Miracle Music. The web site has a short video clip from the Mom who developed the product to help kids do all their daily chores automatically, prompted by a musical CD and motivated by a chart and point system.

I told my best friend about the product. His face lit up and he gave me a testimonial on the spot! He said he bought it for his wife after reading about it in Meridian Magazine and they are using it with their three youngest kids. He said it totally works!

I’m getting copies for some of my sisters and sisters-in-law (all of whom have young children.) Check it out and let the Moms in your life know about this wonderful new product.

I normally don’t ask my blog readers for favors. But in this case, I need to make an exception. We have a goal of selling 800 copies of this product by August. It’s never been marketed, with the exception of three advertisements in Meridian Magazine, an online newsletter. We are trying to earn the rights to market this product around the world.

Will you please email people you know about this wonderful product for Moms and kids? Or blog about it if you can? Anything you can do to promote it will be greatly appreciated.

All you have to do is get people to the web site at The short video clip does the rest. I will greatly appreciate anything you can do to help!

(Also, if you know someone who might want to become a distributor, buying 10 copies at a time and selling them to Moms they know, there is an opportunity for them as well. We’re especially hoping to find a few webmasters of high-traffic web sites for Moms who could become distributors or affiliates.)

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  1. Anna M. Johnson

    I was not impressed by this product at all. It is an old concept that she tried to remake. It keeps getting passed around the neighborhood as a gag gift for new mothers. Don’t waste your money.

  2. My wife bought Miracle Music about 6 months ago. I was very skeptical and thought it would be a complete waste of money. Boy, was I wrong!

    We have 5 young children in our family and it works amazingly great. I whole heartedly endorse the product.

    Now, where’s my referral fee. 🙂

  3. Jared Oldroyd

    We got it and tried it and are interested in the buy 10 and distribute program. What are the details?

  4. Janet

    I want to become an affiliate. I emailed Rachelle at Today’s Mama about it and will try it myself. Also, a natural fit with Club Mom. I’m sure you thought of that.
    Sounds like a great product.


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