More Powertools for Entrepreneurs

I’ll be updating my Powertools for 21st Century Entrepreneurs page soon and I’m considering adding some of the following (after I have investigated them more fully):


  • (sales leads)



  • Netmechanic

  • vFinance (venture funding emails)

  • Xenu (free link checking software)

I also need to add X1 (a desktop search tool) which is better than Copernic but costs $99 (until Yahoo starts distributing a free version of it early next year.)

I also need to list a few more key internet marketing tools that I have used for years.

One of my readers said MarketingSherpa should also be listed on this page. The free MarketingSherpa newsletters are the single most important resource available for internet marketers and they should be carefully read and studied, but I classify this as content not necessarily as a tool. However, I should also publish a list of all the critical publications that 21st Century Entrepreneurs can most benefit from. I’ll be working on that list as well.

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  1. Marcin Kaszynski

    I’d suggest adding as well. It is a site similar in concept to, but is not limited to logo creation — and they seem to provide more value for the money. Their “Design Portfolio” section isn’t that impressive, but the project forums have archives containing results of previous contests.

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