1. I think that the MP3 phones still have a very long way to go before they can start competing with iPods.
    The audio generally stinks on them and media sticks will need to get a lot bigger than 2 gigs.
    Plus, you can’t use iTunes with your cell phone – which of course is the REAL power behind the iPod magic.

  2. I’ve just taken delivery of a Sony Ericsson K800i (after 10 years using Nokia phones).

    I’m not a music guru and perhaps my 39 year old ears are a bit tired, but I am more than happy with the Mp3 playback. With a 2gb memory card, it is good for music and also copes with audio books (useful for long train journeys!)

    I’ve also heard the iPhone is good, as you would expect. I’ve seen one but not got to play with it much, so no idea on sound quality. Got to assume it is good coming from Apple, just don’t wnat to pay £35 a month line rental to O2!

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