Need Help Selling A Great Domain Name!

I have purchased dozens of good domain names over the years, but haven’t sold a great one before. But one of my companies is trying to sell the domain name.

From your experience, what is the best way to sell a good domain name like this? Should we list it on various broker sites (like, hire a professional broker, or what?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. When you find out let me know 😉

    I am trying to sell at the moment. I have it listed on

    Another popular site is:

    The good news is if you list it on these sites, you can withdraw it for sale at a latter date if you sell it elsewhere. The standard commision is 10% and this includes escrow fees.

    Have you gotten the name professionally appraised yet? If not do. It only costs about $20.

    Best of luck with it, and if anyone is interested in drop me a line, its actually a pretty cool email site. The whole site is for sale, or just the domain.


  2. I’m on the other side of the spectrum. I’m looking to purchase a domain that’s owned my a private company. Are there any services you can use for negotiating between a buyer / seller for domain names?

  3. Yeah sedo will negotiate on your behalf as well. What i would do is get the name valued, then i would just negotiate the buy myself.

    Is it a major domain? Eg over $10,000?


  4. Have you put any kind of value on the domain name itself? Is it a working domain with a page rank or is it parked somewhere?

    Before I would let anyone sell a domain name for me I would have some kind of idea on what it may be worth beforehand.

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