New Column on Investing in Employees’ Minds

I’m pretty happy with the way my February column turned out for Connect Magazine. I think it’s the best column I’ve written so far. It’s about reducing your chances of failure by investing in your company’s greatest asset–the minds of your employees. Please let me know what you think of it.

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  1. Hello,

    I loved your paper (it’s a matter I’ve thought about for years), and especially these words :

    « The paradox for knowledge workers is this: the more time you spend in gaining knowledge, the less time you have to apply it. The reverse is also true. We must strike a proper balance between learning and doing. Most people have their nose to the grindstone. Very few spend enough time, energy and money in a quest to gain and process knowledge. But maybe the Web can change this. With the Web, each of us can make a list of all the experts in our field and track their every move and their every word. »

    I would like to ask your autorisation to translate it in french and post it on my blog @

    Kind regards,

    Jean-Marie Le Ray

  2. I emailed this to president of the company I work for and I hope they read it and clue in. They don’t believe that employees need training and knowledge to suceed.

  3. Raj

    Paul, your comment about paradox for kw strikes a deep chord. You are very right in your observations. First time here and I loved it.


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